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BIG on the Beach

The origin story of #bigonthebeach

Hi there,

My name is Ana,

My family and friends have vacationed in Miami Beach for years before we moved here and started calling it our home.

Just like you, we love going to the Beach. We love the sun, the ocean & the sand. 

The only thing that we kept saying throughout all those years was:
"if only somebody could drag all these beach carts with toys and sports equipment and set them up for us on the beach and take them down when we wanna leave."

Also, the hotels were unhappy with us dragging all those toys and sports equipment to the beach chairs and back. The only reason hotels did not throw us out was that we were there so often; they got used to seeing us always dragging these carts.

Yeah, as much as we loved going to the Beach, it was a hassle dragging all those big inflatable unicorns and dragons, a giant beach ball, and not to mention the inflatable tiki bar, corn hole boards, and the beach basketball pong when we were throwing a party on the Beach. 

We loved Miami Beach and Miami so much that our family eventually moved to Miami Beach. 

We were now dragging all those beach accessories every weekend to the Beach when some of our family friends were coming to visit us and have fun on the Beach.

This is why we started BIG on the Beach, a bespoke luxury beach service.
The story goes that every great unicorn startup started from a garage. Still, there were no garages on the Beach, so we had to start from an inflatable beach cabana, and we are definitely a big rainbow unicorn startup.

As a result, everyone can now enjoy a luxury beach experience whenever they visit the Beach, whether we are there or not.

You can easily pick from our website what you want to rent for a day on the Beach. Then, a team of beach professionals brings everything to the Beach, sets everything up, and returns the items once the fun ends.

You can also access this exclusive luxury beach service; call us, and we'll set everything up for you.

Our motto is Go BIG on the Beach or go home!

#bigonthebeach #gobigonthebeach

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